8 Cute Photos of Cats

Featured image by Zaimoku Woodpile
Even though the cat is a carnivorous mammal, this indoor pet seems so cute from time to time. Here is a round up of the most beautiful cat pictures I could found.

A Peaceful Nap

A peaceful nap
By Felipe Lange Boge, via Flickr


Via Flickr

If someone will turn this cat into human being, he surely will be a swashbuckler, don’t you think?

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Beautiful Clouds From Space

Featured image – Kármán vortex street – via NASA.
As I said on 9 stunning photos of beautiful clouds, the sky is the canvas of our world. But what if we could go beyond this canvas? How would the world look like? Here is a list of the most beautiful clouds I could find on the internet:

Cumulonimbus Towers over Brazil

Cumulonimbus Towers and Anvils over Brazil
Cumulonimbus Towers and Anvils over Brazil via NASA

This photography was taken by an astronaut aboard the space shuttle in February. It shows several cumulonimbus towers and anvils over Brazil. Due to the tropics climat, cumulonimbus towers can grow to be 12 miles tall.

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9 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds

Featured Image – Clouds over Lake Okeechobee – by Kim Seng via Flickr.
The sky is the abstract and uniform canvas of our world. Depending on the perspective, this canvas can be a source of inspiration or a monotonous background. As a photographer, it is very difficult to break the uniformity of the sky to make it extraordinary. Clouds is an important element to make a sky interesting and beautiful. This is why I gathered the most stunning photos of clouds I could found on the internet:

Clouds in the Sunset
The setting sun over the Alps near Aussois, France – via Flickr
Summer clouds
Storm clouds heading in from the west – via Flickr
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds – by David Spinks

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The 9 Most Stunning Cave Photographs

Featured Image – Patagonian Glacier by Adam Gibbs
Our planet has a huge number of surreal places and natural sceneries with beautiful waterfalls, forests and mountains. However, in this article, I wanted to gather more mysterious landscapes. I think that some of the most beautiful places on earth can be found right under our feet. Futhermore, caves are beautiful spots where darkness meets the light coming from the surface. Photography in caves is thus contrasted and unique. Here is a round up of the most stunning caves in the world, I hope these pictures will leave you breathless.

Reed Flut Cave

Mysterious Blue Cave
Mysterious Blue Cave – by Peter Stewart

The Reed Flute cave is a popular tourist attraction in Guilin, China. Inside this water-eroded cave is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition. The multicolored lightning artificially illuminates this natural limestone cave. According to TravelChinaGuide, it has been Guilin’s most interesting attractions for hundred of years.

Reed Flute Cave
The reed flute cave – by Dennis Jarvis
Reed Flute Cave by Bernt Rostad
Multicolored limestone by Bernt Rostad

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America’s Most Bizarre Laws Illustrated In Photo Series

Featured image: in Kansas, it’s illegal to serve wine in teacups.
Olivia was born 22 years ago in the woods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Manhattan. In her “I Fought The Law” series,  she showcases the most bewildering laws! It is an aesthetics and fun way to criticize a rusty judicial system.
Each photo violates intentionally some absurd U.S. State law that are partly still on the statute books. Most of the laws are outdated or bizarrely specific. She says: “Using early pop art as inspiration, I intend to defy rules and regulations across all the remaining US states.” You can discover all her projects on her blog: Olivia Locher.

Transparent Clothing Law - Rhode Island
In Rhode Island, it is illegal to wear transparent clothing
Pants Law - Delaware
In Delaware, it’s illegal to wear pants that are “form-fitting”around the waist

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Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs

Jessica Trinh is a 18-year old photographer based in South California. She made the following collection of her two dogs: a Golden Retriever named Chuppy and an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. Her target is to show how pet dogs fill very quickly their place in our hearts. Even though we enjoy having our dog pictures framed on our desk,  most portraits of dogs are alike and are therefore less interesting. This is a collection of creative and inpsirational dog photographs, each portraits makes you look at pet dogs differently. I think that the most interesting aspect about these images is the relationship between Jessica and her dogs. What do you think about it?

Color Bath
A color bath – The liquid is a mix of milk and food coloring to dye the mixture
A perfect spot for a photo
Golden hours – Relationship between Jessica and her dog

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14 Beautiful Eyes Pictures

Featured image – Almond Eyes – by César Augusto Serna Sz.
Eyes are the mirrors of heart and can be a great source of inspiration. Even though it seems simple, eyes photography is not an easy task. In fact, it is difficult to highlight the contrast between the iris and the lens while dealing with the reflections of the cornea. Furthermore, the context and the composition is also a tough part of the work. Here is a list of the most beautiful and shining eyes pictures I could find. Enjoy this post.

Stunning Blue Colors
Stunning blue colors – via Flickr
Hazel Eyes
Hazel eyes – by Sanbrina Campagna

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9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

Featured Image – Sanzhi, Taïwan – by Alexander Synaptic.
There’s a certain kind of mystery that tickles our curiosity concerning an abandoned city.  How has it deteriorated? Why? These places inspire us, they are like windows through time that tell us an ancient story. There are probably more abandoned cities than you’d think, here is a round-up of the most mysterious abandoned cities I could find.

Gary, Indiana

Gary, India
Have a seat- Gary, Indiana – via Flickr

The city of Gary, Indiana was founded as a booming steel city as the twentieth century passed. The population of Gary is 80,290, making it the ninth-largest city in the state of Indiana. Gary’s population has fallen by 55 percent from a peak of 178,320 in 1960. The population has risen and fallen with the state of the steel industry, leaving abandoned buildings in the city.

Gary's Church Sanctuary
Methodist Church Sanctuary – Gary, Indiana- by Joe Lax-Salinas

This church is both beautiful and in pitiful state. Because of one of the highest crime rate of Indiana, it was closed in the 1970s and has been vacant ever since.

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9 Incredible Photos of our Universe

Featured Image: the cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite.
The visible space is big, complex and can be incredibly beautiful. This list of 9 pictures gathers the most beautiful images of our universe I could find.  Even though these pictures taken from space may look like surreal landscapes, they are not entirely created by computer. Note that for some images, infrared electromagnetic waves have been transmitted over the visible spectrum. The following images can be downloaded in high quality to be used as wallpapers.

The Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula - where stars born
The Carina Nebula – via European Southern Observatory

The Carina Nebula is a region of massive star formation in the southern skies. This panorama of the Carina Nebula was taken in infrared light using the HAWK-I camera on ESO’s Very Large Telescope.

The Carina Nebula
The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme – via Hubblesite

This is also the Carina Nebula. It was taken by a team of astronomers with Hubble’s cameras. It is a 50-light-year-wide view of the central region of the Carina Nebula where a maelstrom of star birth – and death – is taking place.

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Best of Architectural Photography

Featured image by Tim Dutton via Flickr.
Architecture surrounds us every day, and is a very popular photography subject. Here is a round-up of the most beautiful free of use architecture photos I could find on the internet (make sure you comply with the licenses before using theses images). Even though these buildings may look like surreal sceneries, they are authentic. The locations of the buildings are mentioned in the caption.

Chiang Mai Temple

Chiang Mai Temple
Beautiful Austin at Sunset by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Chiang Mai, the sixth biggest city in Thailand,  is overflowing with ancient Buddhist Temples dating back to when the city was originally founded in 1296. The structure of these temples is made of intricate carving covered by painted symbols.

Austin at Sunset

Austin at sunset
Beautiful Austin at Sunset by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Austin is the capital of Texas and is the 11th-largest city in the United States of America. This picture shows the urbanization beyond the Colorado River.

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