A Love of Books


As you could see on my post about beautiful watches, it is possible to take stunning and creative photographs of common objects. Books and librairies may seem a little boring, […]

Tiny Planets


Panorama is a great way to show off an entire scene. A creative way of doing a 360 degree panorama is to turn the photograph into an eye-catching miniature planet. […]

8 Cute Photos of Cats


Featured image by Zaimoku Woodpile Even though the cat is a carnivorous mammal, this indoor pet seems so cute from time to time. Here is a round up of the […]

The 9 Most Stunning Cave Photographs


Featured Image – Patagonian Glacier by Adam Gibbs Our planet has a huge number of surreal places and natural sceneries with beautiful waterfalls, forests and mountains. However, in this article, […]