14 Beautiful Eyes Pictures


Featured image – Almond Eyes – by César Augusto Serna Sz.
Eyes are the mirrors of heart and can be a great source of inspiration. Even though it seems simple, eyes photography is not an easy task. In fact, it is difficult to highlight the contrast between the iris and the lens while dealing with the reflections of the cornea. Furthermore, the context and the composition is also a tough part of the work. Here is a list of the most beautiful and shining eyes pictures I could find. Enjoy this post.

Stunning blue colors
Stunning blue colors – via Flickr


Hazel eyes
Hazel eyes – by Sanbrina Campagna

Weary eyes
Weary, bloody and deep- by Attila Acs
Dreamy eyes
Dreamy eyes by Ricardo Cuppini
A drop in the eye
A drop in the eye – by Abdullah Alhourani
Beautiful eyes lashes
Long eye lashes by Michele Catiana
A mysterious mummified man
A mysterious mummified man by Hani Amir

Animal Kingdom

Detailed close-ups of animals eyes are kind of trippy. In fact, we rarely face to face with exotic animals and the beauty of their eyes is not familiar to us. To remedy this, here is a collection of the most beautiful photos of animal eyes.


Elephant's eye
Eye of the elephant by Alex Proimos


Anole lizard on pink
Anole lizard by Roy Niswanger

The Anole lizard has the ability to change color. However, it is not a chameleon, the latter belongs to a different family of reptiles. This lizard is a popular pet, some escapees have formed small colonies far from their homeland. This lizard was far from his natural environment, in Austin, Texas where the photo was taken.

Dragon eye of indigo blue
Deep blue by Paloetic

Small Living Creatures

a Phidippus princeps
Lateral eyes of a Phidippus princeps via Wikipedia by Thomas Shahan

Phidippus princeps is a rare species of jumping spider that can be find in the south of the Canada and in the United States. Some Jumping spiders’ visual acuity (clearness of vision) exceeds by a factor of ten that of dragonflies, which have one of the best vision among insects.

Robber fly
A robber fly with a beautiful pair of green eyes by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
Dragonfly Eyes
Dragonfly eyes via Flickr

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